Tuesday was phenomenal. Not only did we have an amazing show at Tides Theatre for the Off/Page Project, but I got to spend the day with Tama, Corey, and Jada from the Stockton With our Words poetry collective. It was crazy to see them interact with our UC Berkeley CalSlam poets during the post-performance talkback. Inspiration found on all sides of the geographical divide Tuesday, and I’m so happy everything worked out.

top photo: (Our performers for the evening: Top Row: Jayda Daniels and Corey Baxter of Stockton’s With our Words poetry collective; Bottom Row: talkback w/ Gabriel Cortez, Jade Cho, and Natasha Huey of CalSlam, along with Jayda and Corey; photo by Isa Nakazawa) 

middle photo: Tama Brisbane, Corey, and Jayda at the Clarrion Alley graffiti murals, San Francisco.

bottom photo: José Vadi reading a story about shooting a documentary in Stockton for the Off/Page Project. 

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